Pricing Guide

Prices are estimated based on dog size and coat type. These prices will vary depending on the condition of the coat, condition of the skin, and behavior of your dog..which all tend to be controlled by frequency of grooming. Regularly scheduled grooming clients (every 8-10 weeks) will receive discounted rates on any service including hair cut. I also offer “in betweens” which are 1/2 full groom price or bath and basics price for full groom clients who just need a fluff, buff, trim and tune up!

Estimated Prices:
Bath & Basics (short haired/long haired)

Most small breeds (under 15lbs): $25/$35
Medium breeds (15-35lbs): $35/$45
Large breeds (over 35lbs): $45/$55
Giant breeds: Email for quote

All Bath & Basics services include:
Brush out
Ear cleaning & Hair plucking
Nail Trim – Clipping or Sanding
Premium Bath & Conditioner based on coat type and skin condition
Sanitary/feet/face trim and clean up
Fluff Dry
Optional finishes: bows, bandanas, fragrance

Hair cut and style:

Additional $15-25.00 to Bath and Basics prices which include shave downs, puppy cuts, pet trims and breed standard styling.


2 responses to “Pricing Guide

  1. Elizabeth Spence

    hi-i got your name from canine connection. my dog jack goes there every week (your husband will know him as bad jack or jack spence). i have another dog. a mutt around 40 pounds who needs her summer cut and yearly bath (i know i know). she’s a fluffy, sweet girl and around 11 years old. i was told you might do it at canine connection. let me know. thanks, elizabeth

    • Hey Elizabeth;

      Please give me a call to schedule something if you can wait until after Easter. I am booked this week and next. My cell is 201.577 8444.

      Thanks! JeAnne

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