Father’s Day POW – Rufus!



Today’s puppy of the week is Mr. Rufus Bodenheimer and he is without a doubt Daddy’s little man. He had absolutely zero desire to be handed over to me this morning: I had to promise Dad that I didn’t torture him last time, and I would hide the rack and other cruel and unusual devices this time as well. Of course as soon as the coast was clear, I got a big ole slobbery kiss followed by a waggly saunter over to the table…oh yes Rufus, I see how you operate, you sly little labradoodle.

Rufus was getting a little clean up and a thin out. Rufus is more labra than poodle so the fur gets thick, but it’s not as curly and the texture is finer than a poodle. Dad likes to keep a longer coat, so I made sure to have a good shine leave in conditioner going on and then spent a good bulk of the time doing thinning all over using a combination of Coat King and large bulk thinners.

The end result is a shiny, healthy coat that lays closer to the body which keeps Rufus more comfy in this heat and still keeps him looking teddy bear soft and fuzzy which keeps Dad happy.



I would add a testimonials page, but I don’t often get written praise as much as I get the happy faces that greet their pups upon pickup. So I’ll just have a little toot tag to serve as testimonials apart from any blog commenting that may happen. And feedback and communication is always good – communicating and interpreting what a client wants is always the hardest part of the groom!

Just hangin'Stormy concentrating almost as hard as me!

Hey JeAnne,
I just got home from work and am THRILLED!!!! Thrilled beyond anything I could have hoped for. I almost cried because they looked like their old selves and looked so much better. I think they are much more comfortable. I plan to take photos to send to Nicole for her blog. I know she is also very happy and will be sending folks your way.
Thanks again.
Stormy and Misty’s Mom

Puppy Love!

Puppy Love!

POW – Jasmine & Roscoe!

I have decided that my dearest husband is a far better picture taker than myself…heck I didn’t even know you could adjust the resolution on our camera. So, with any luck he will always be present for my POWs as sometimes it’s hard to get a good picture when they are dancing around happy to be finished and ready to see mom or dad.

This week’s POW is a two for one special. Roscoe and Jasmine are two pint sized poodles who had a bit of coiffing to do. I assured the parental units they were in good hands and went to town.

Please save me!

Please save me!

Roscoe is about the size of a peanut and I think he was nervous that he was facing Nurse Ratchet. Fear not little one, I’m going to make you look so bad ass that the neighborhood mutts will cower in fear:

Don't tread on me.

Don't tread on me.

Roscoe got a shave down for the summer and is also working the mohawk and goatee…all he needs is a heart “MOM” tat.

So happy!

So happy!

Jasmine is a tad bigger than her brother and she shall forever be referred to in my mind as the mexican jumping bean. While I was working on Roscoe, she was bouncing in front of the window trying to get a peek of the goings on at the bakery next door. I swear she should be a show dog!

I left Jasmine a little longer and with a sweet teddy face to compliment her happy go lucky personality. Both left with a happy mom and ready to rock!

Hello...I really like you.

Hello...I really like you.

Groom Lingo: Roscoe 7 strip, reverse 7 on face and hand scissor mohawk and goatee. Jasmine 5 strip, short ears and scissor round face.

GreysAngel Q&A Corner: Short haired doggies like spa day too!

Q: I have a pug-bulldog-doxie-corgi…(insert other short haired fur baby).  Does he/she really need to be groomed?

A: Congratulations for picking a low maintenance dog in terms of grooming needs!  It is true, these short haired cutie pies never need to grace the doors of a groom shop or puppy spa.  However, there are benefits to bringing your easy breezy canine companion to a groomer such as:

  • Nail clipping – Not all vets will do this unless asked (and charged!), and not all dogs get enough exercise to naturally grind down their own nails (puggies, I’m not looking at you …honest).  Healthy nails equal healthy paw pads and healthy leg stance along with walking and running gait. Make sure your dogs’ nails clear the floor..if they are clicking on your tiles or wood, they are too long.
  • Forced air drying – Short hair does not equal less hair when it comes to the dreaded shed.  Depending on the breed, dogs either shed year round or they shed cyclically.  There is no product that will completely eliminate shedding.  NONE.  There are things that help reduce the excess.  A trip to a groomer who uses forced air drying will really help in blowing and brushing loose coat, leaving the remaining coat shiny and healthy.
  • Fwunk redunx – Fwunka funk.  You know what I’m talking about.  Ears.  Eye goobers and crusties. Butt.  Anal glands. Girly bits.  It happens.  A good groomer gets deep in those ears to clean out the black and yeasty.  Products like Micro Tek help reduce unpleasant odors in other areas.  Well that, and just a good deep clean with someone who’s used to getting their hands dirty.
Bella Corgi

Look ma, clean ears!

So next time you are chasing around fur balls (the ones without legs) or getting your legs mangled by the eager puppy claws of death, give a shout out and get your pooch pampered and squeaky clean!

POW – Rascal!

I joke that I have tapped into a secret underground organized gang of frisky well adjusted Westies. I thought there were no Westies in New Orleans after several months of grooming here and not having one. Then one magical day my luck changed and within a week and a half I had groomed five of them! They are all fantastic owners and I have them all on a pretty regular schedule so about every 9-10 weeks I have the Westie mafia roll into my hood 😀

He's a lover not a fighter!

He's a lover not a fighter!

This little heart throb is Rascal – he’s twelve years old but just as feisty and fun as any youngin I’ve encountered. Mom is a groomer’s dream – a clockwork groom schedule with a bath and tidy up appt in between. We like to keep Rascal comfy so he gets a shortened skirt, but he’s got great hair structure to support the full Westie head.

Groom Lingo: #7 from 1″ below occiput down the back. Skim the #7 down the ribs to blend the back pattern and where the skirt begins. Note: there should not be a real sharp contrast here..the skirt should not look “wide”…the skirt should fall naturally downward from the widest part of the rib cage. Scissor legs, skirt line, carrot tail and face/head using thinners to clear inner eye/bridge of nose as well as to finish the blend on the skirt. Tip top third of the ear with a #10 and scissor the edge for a sharp ear.

Public Service Announcement – Think once, think twice before committing to puppy parenthood.

Today we have a tale of two maltipoos. Actually it’s only one tale because the happy little maltipoo pic that you see in my Flickr box on the right really needs no elaboration – she’s cute, she’s loved and she’s Moxxie.

In general, I see dogs that are in pretty good shape. There may be a mat here or a funky ear there, but all in all it’s doable in the realm of responsible parenthood. Once in a blue moon (usually when volunteering to do shave downs of rescued street doggies with the shelter), I see this:


And I swear most of the time I just cry a little on the inside. I’m not even sure that the picture does it justice. Remember it’s a Malti poo – a very over fed and beyond neglected should-be-little dog (look at Moxxie again just to have a comparison).

Here are some close up face shots which I swear was one big clump starting with eye fwunk that connected to dried up food chunk:


One side of said food/eye fwunk chunk:


What absolutely kills me is not that this dog is fat…hey, I understand a good meal. What kills me is the fur is so matted and covered with sh*t (I spared you by not taking a back end pic, trust) that the skin is not getting air and hence his belly and chest literally smelled of rot. His back legs are hurting from the serious wide load, but the front legs are even worse – completely turned out like a bull dog due to nails being so long that they are curled under his pads. So all his weight is on those nails. Here’s the length of what I was able to take off; there was more to remove but I didn’t want to quick the poor dog:


The hair in the pads were impacted and the paws themselves splayed thanks to the weight on those feet and curly nails. I did what I could. With this kind of situation, it’s always a moral dilemma: do you turn away the parent and refuse to do the dog and hope that the parent learns his/her lesson? Or do you groom the dog so at least for a little while he feels more comfortable, can walk, see and hear?

Obviously I choose the latter:


I did what I could to lecture, educate and advise the parent and offer them a dirt cheap rate for a follow up visit within 12 weeks. It’s pretty much all I can do apart from going home and hugging my little two nearly to death.

So my public service announcement is please don’t get a dog unless you can take care of it!!


Dog Around Town!

puppylovelogoI am totally excited for the Small Dogs Playgroup Meetup happening tomorrow night at Puppy Love in Metairie from 6-8pm.  Angus & Molly got to meet up and hang out with other little doggies  last year and both parents and puppies had a blast!  Due to life craziness, we haven’t gotten back out there til now, so I can’t wait!!  Lisa is the fearless leader of this yahoo group and Angela Portera is the fabulous owner of Puppy Love DayCare.  This group is a free group open to all small dog owners and I can tell you that everyone is just so warm and friendly.

To find out more about the small dog group and this event, please check out the yahoo group here!

To find out more about Puppy Love and their services, please check out their website here!

And if you happen to be in the Gretna area, Zach’s frozen yogurt and smoothies is sponsoring a dogaroo sniff and social to benefit the LA SPCA with pup cups and everything!  More info here!