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POW – Ellie & Winkie!

This week is a two for one special featuring two very loved and very cute Bichons. Mom is a recent New Orleans transplant from sunny California in need of a groomer for her precious two. Bichons are well reputed for being bubbly bundles of love and affection and Ellie and Winkie are no exception.

Ellie Ellie is the older sister and a bit bigger than her bro as well. She was pretty playful, but mostly enjoyed waiting for mom on top of the back of the couch where she could keep an eye on the goings on outside.

Winkie! Winkie is a cute little munchkin who came to me with a very squared off/angled face which is very un-Bichon and not even Poodle like so I’m not really sure what the story was there, but I think we got the sweet round head momma was looking for. Winkie pretended to be all high brow, but I caught him sniffing around for a little Molly attention!

Both Ellie and Winkie got nice short puppy cuts for summer while keeping their full Bichon tails and round fuzzy adorable faces. At the end of the session, they both were happy, clean and ready for pick up!

Mom is that you?

Mom is that you?

Groom Lingo: #5 sport with #3 on legs/chest with a rounded Bichon puppy face …scissor to blend and finish.