November puppies!

Figuring out some thoughts for future posts here at clean puppy central, but in the meantime I bring you a couple happy faces for Thanksgiving week.  These puppies were groomed and ready for Thanksgiving feasts and treats:

Coco Coco

Coco – Sweet yorkiepoo – more poo than yorkie…very cute and full of energy! I used a #5 blade so she was still a little fluffy, but short enough to easily maintain. I used a #3 around the face and scissored the top of the head so that it was round puppy face with rounded ears and squirrel tail.

Lily – My one and only cairn terrier and I adore her! – I do a breed standard cut, very close on the back with sides blending into a short skirt. I scissor her legs which are not as full as some cairns and a full terrier head.

Last but not least…Zulabelle…4 lbs of Pekingese cuteness overload. Zulabelle is the poster child for why you should make sure your groomer uses forced air drying when grooming. The warm air pressure close to the body will blow any dead coat leaving behind a shiny healthy coat. Every five weeks or so I blow out the equivalent of another Zulabelle in fur!

 Onto December!


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