GreysAngel Q&A Corner: Short haired doggies like spa day too!

Q: I have a pug-bulldog-doxie-corgi…(insert other short haired fur baby).  Does he/she really need to be groomed?

A: Congratulations for picking a low maintenance dog in terms of grooming needs!  It is true, these short haired cutie pies never need to grace the doors of a groom shop or puppy spa.  However, there are benefits to bringing your easy breezy canine companion to a groomer such as:

  • Nail clipping – Not all vets will do this unless asked (and charged!), and not all dogs get enough exercise to naturally grind down their own nails (puggies, I’m not looking at you …honest).  Healthy nails equal healthy paw pads and healthy leg stance along with walking and running gait. Make sure your dogs’ nails clear the floor..if they are clicking on your tiles or wood, they are too long.
  • Forced air drying – Short hair does not equal less hair when it comes to the dreaded shed.  Depending on the breed, dogs either shed year round or they shed cyclically.  There is no product that will completely eliminate shedding.  NONE.  There are things that help reduce the excess.  A trip to a groomer who uses forced air drying will really help in blowing and brushing loose coat, leaving the remaining coat shiny and healthy.
  • Fwunk redunx – Fwunka funk.  You know what I’m talking about.  Ears.  Eye goobers and crusties. Butt.  Anal glands. Girly bits.  It happens.  A good groomer gets deep in those ears to clean out the black and yeasty.  Products like Micro Tek help reduce unpleasant odors in other areas.  Well that, and just a good deep clean with someone who’s used to getting their hands dirty.
Bella Corgi

Look ma, clean ears!

So next time you are chasing around fur balls (the ones without legs) or getting your legs mangled by the eager puppy claws of death, give a shout out and get your pooch pampered and squeaky clean!


One response to “GreysAngel Q&A Corner: Short haired doggies like spa day too!

  1. Hi, wanted to say thank you and thank you for posting the MS corn bread recipe on Cooking Light. I have been looking for it since I first used it, had the recipe and lost it. It is my very favorite thanksgiving recipe…so thank you, thank you….

    You take care of some adorable dogs…they are so cute!!!

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