POW – (La Femme) Nikkita

Treats please!

Treats please!

Everytime I hear Nikkita, I think about that movie. 

The only danger with this Nikkita is that she can potentially melt your heart with cuteness overload. I mean look at her sitting all perfectly … surely the little head tilt alone is worth a treat – or five. Nikkita is a Havanese puppy who is full of the joys of spring. Mom and Dad wanted a manageable length puppy cut “without it looking shaved.” I’m definitely not from the puppy cut = shave down school of grooming so this is not a problem!

Nikkita in profile

Nikkita in profile

I like this picture because it’s a fairly good profile shot so you can see what’s going on groom wise. In the realm of puppy cuts, you have three basic “styles” to pick from in terms of everything past the ears. There’s the “strip” or “kennel” which generally implies one length all over aka the shave down. Now you can pick a number of long or short blades to do a strip so this doesn’t have to mean butt nekkid.

Next up is called a “sport” cut. This is generally a shorter cut on the body with a little fuller leg which gives the appearance of a “fluffier” look overall. I tend to favor a fuller leg – some people think it looks like little pantaloons, but I just like it because it’s easy for the parent to maintain and still look like a styled cut. Last but not least is the “panda” cut, which is a sport cut but with a skirt left on the undercarriage. The skirt can be fairly short …don’t think Westie or Yorkie or anything like that. Nikkita has a short panda…it’s not as short on her chest and belly as it is on her back and sides…that’s the differentiation between a panda and a sport.

So next time you want a puppy cut, feel free to consider some of the grooming terms I’ve mentioned above! The most important piece of information is how much length you want either taken off, or left on…the rest is just details which I believe can be used to achieve a look you are ultimately most happy with and can manage to maintain!

Ready to play!

Ready to play!

Groom lingo: #4 short Panda with #3 on the chest and skim on the legs to blend transitional areas. Scissor legs to finish. Light #3 around the head with thinning to create round face. Rounded short puppy ears and full tail.


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