POW – Pat!

It’s been awhile since I posted a puppy of the week and this week’s puppy is quite special.

Pat is a rescue puppy that landed into the arms of Au Pair des Chiens owner AnneMarie. AnneMarie already being up to her elbows in puppies did everything in her power to find Pat a home. After several weeks of almost-not quite-not sure attempts, Pat went home to hang with his new pug bro Frankie.

Pat's game face!

Pat's game face!

I admit to being a bit nervous grooming Pat as I had no past history of any kind. The only thing I knew for sure was he was pretty starved for attention after being moved about and one step away from the proverbial axe. Plus, check out his game face, yo…he’s not messing around.

However, I do have a soft spot for terriers and Pat ended up being a very behaved boy – guess he liked being the center of attention on the groom table!!

Pat - wire fox terrier

Mom being used to a no fuss no muss pug wasn’t quite sure what to do for him, so I pointed her in the breed standard direction and I think she was pleased. Handsome lad, yes??

Pat - profile

Groom lingo: breed standard, wire fox terrier. #7 on the back, #3 to blend. I used a reverse #7 on the head and a #10 on the ears. I scissored the legs, skirt and tipped the ears to finish.


One response to “POW – Pat!

  1. Good job! He looks so handsome!

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